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Map of lower continental United States outlining Bright Horizon Resources' geographical area of interest.

Primary Areas of Interest

Secondary Areas of Interest

We will pursue opportunities involving producing properties that have
significant upside potential as well as projects mostly involving leasing.

BHR’s principals have a long history of applying advanced technology to enhance oil and gas property values. Therefore, we are looking for projects that would benefit from the proper application of technologies such as horizontal drilling, multi-stage fracturing, or advanced geological and geophysical techniques.

In general, BHR is looking for properties that are underdeveloped or involve extending trends into new areas. These targets could be oil, high liquids gas, or gas properties with potentially economic upside value. Possible projects need to have significant development running room. Unless properties are synergistic to others owned by BHR in the area, we are generally not interested in PDP only acquisitions.

BHR is open to creative deal structures where the seller can retain some upside potential or participation. Attractive deal sizes would range from $10 million to >$500 million. Controlling operations is strongly preferred.


Desired Property Characteristics

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